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UberGlobal Enterprise offers reliability and security through managed infrastructure, platform and software responses for clients seeking enterprise grade solutions.
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Our Commitment to Security

UberGlobal has established a high level of organisational security to manage both the public and private facing components of a number of high profile government and commercial customers within our Enterprise division (UberGlobal Enterprise). Our non-enterprise division’s gain enhanced protection as a result of us needing to meet these high standards.

Our security protocols cover off physical, personnel and logical security in a number of ways.

Physical: We cover off physical security through the ‘defence-in-depth’ principle and ensure our operations premises (NOCs and Data Centre space) meet ASIO T4 physical security standard, supplemented by the deployment of a number of core systems in B Class secure racks.

Personnel: All personnel who join the company are subjected to a police check and character reference checks. We run several levels of access control, with higher access only granted as staff gain experience and earn trust. All senior technical staff who work on core systems are required to obtain Commonwealth Government security clearances.

Logical: For logical security we implement a number of different security zones corresponding to staff access levels. Deeper zones are used to manage more important systems, and access is limited to staff with appropriate security clearances and levels of trust. Only senior technical staff who hold government security clearances are granted access to zones that manage core systems.

Our critical systems are operated from behind our DSD IRAP assessed gateway infrastructure. Additionally we run extensive backup services which store multiple copies of customer and company data in encrypted archives. Where a system has been configured for backups we have never lost data.