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Key business focus: Online commerce via a highly transactional web application which manages a bidding service for end users. 

Key challenge: To establish a virtual platform that would scale with business over time and be suitable for the migration from a physical environment.

Products and serices:

  • Dual site hosting
  • Server and backup services
  • Global Load Balancing

Key results: Delivery of a high availability, managed platform to power the ALLBIDS website.


UberGlobal Enterprise recently provided a managed hosting solution to ALLBIDS, a website which allows buyers to bid for items over the internet in a secure environment.

After receiving some positive press through Today Tonight, the ALLBIDS website began dealing with increased demand, this then became an issue as their single dedicated server was unable to cope with increased traffic. The website needed capabilities such as lightning-fast load times, I/O and compute, and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic at any given moment. The solution UberGlobal Enterprise was able to provide for ALLBIDS delivers unlimited capabilities through enterprise hardware on all levels from network, storage and compute which delivers 24/7 uptime. The decision was made to move away from physical hardware and virtualise all services provided to ALLBIDS. This solution provides customers such as ALLBIDS with a universal platform, freedom to grow and the ability to cater to ever increasing customer bases, providing them with the ease and peace of mind that comes with dealing with a respected and reliable online business.

Customer perspective

As Rob Evans, Director at ALLBIDS puts it:

With a rapidly growing business in the online e-commerce space we demand fast, reliable and powerful servers to handle our database, transactions and three websites.

Our business had spent in excess of $80,000 on IT/server infrastructure in 2007 that we have maintained ourselves. We desperately needed to upgrade to a bigger and better solution but were faced with the prospect of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to achieve the suitable infrastructure that we would then need to maintain ourselves.

After being introduced to UberGlobal Enterprise we have been able to transition our websites and entire infrastructure onto their state of the art platforms and do not have to worry about maintenance, servicing back up, data recovery or load balancing. Our monthly fee is similar to the cost of financing the infrastructure with the added bonus that we now concentrate our resources on our core business – selling products on our website, customer service and logistics. This is without doubt one of the key business decisions we have made in order to grow our business.


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