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Uber is always working in the background to ensure the availability and stability of the hosting services we provide. Our data centers in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra have been designed and built with best of breed technologies that help keep your website running and your valuable information safe.

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Uber's highly available network maintains high speed connectivity to Australia and the world, with multiple high capacity links to Tier 1 IP Transit providers and Peering Points, to offer the best possible performance for your site.


Our network and platform has been built with reliability in mind and employs multiple layers of redundancy. Critical systems such as cooling, backup generators, SAN storage and Compute have all been engineered to N+1, meaning our fleet of servers can continue to function even after multiple failures.


Best practice industry security policies and procedures restrict access to systems, infrastructure and confidential information while ensuring that your data is kept safe and secure. Staff maintain round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance to every one of our data centers and the systems that reside within them.

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