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Our enterprise platform

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1 & 2. Data storage and Compute forms the foundation layer of our capability and we are able to run workloads in Canberra and Sydney. UberGlobal offers high end, enterprise tier1 storage as part of its service offering. The storage system is designed, monitored and tuned for highly virtualised and parallel data workloads. The storage system offers unmatched performance and capabilities. The platform is capable of meeting several unique workload scenarios.

3. Across the storage and compute platform we can provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We currently run workloads on VMWare and HyperV.

4 & 5. UberGlobal is able to install and support all operating systems which enables the ability to migrate any application into our cloud environment without modification.

6. Security, paramount to any good IT system, is able to be layered and tailored across your application technology suite to provide the ideal environment to meet your needs. Our security capability has our Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) at its core, which includes Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), 'best of breed' managed firewalls approved for Federal Government use, event correlation monitoring and response, and anti-spam and anti-virus systems.

7. Load balancing is at the core of our highly available, geographically redundant capability. Utilising Server Load Balancing (SLB) we're able to load balance any application within either our Canberra or Sydney sites. We can also utilise Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) to load balance across both our Canberra and Sydney data centres, providing maximum availability, scalability and performance. Load balancing combined with our cloud environment create a foundation which allows us to flexibly scale content delivery up or down in accordance with our client's changing business requirements.

8. Our locations are connected via dedicated fibre and each site is connected to the internet via multiple service providers. Additionally, IPv6 is now fully deployed across our hosting infrastructure. All government agencies and Enterprise businesses will need to support IPv6 traffic in the near future.

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