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Growing business with Domain Management Systems – an Alyte Creative casestudy

By | April 13, 2011

Web developers will know first-hand the importance of a Domain Management System (DMS) that is reliable and easy to work with. Ben May, Manager/Owner at Alyte Creative, gives his experience working with AussieHQ’s DMS below:

Alyte Creative is a web development business, based in South East Queensland, with clients scattered throughout the East Coast of Australia. Primarily working with web technologies such as WordPress and CodeIgniter, Alyte also provides fine-tuned web hosting and domain management for clients and sites of all kinds.

As a small web agency that works long term with clients, we were faced with the challenge of dealing with domain names for our clients’ sites.

Initially, we allowed clients to register their own domains, simply forwarding us the details when it came time to launch their site. This approach worked, however as time went on, and the number of sites and domains under management grew, the following issues started to become troublesome;


  • cataloguing and filing hundreds of different client domain accounts
  • relying on clients to renew domains and sorting out the issues when they forgot
  • having no central service that allowed for DNS hosting
  • learning registrars systems and terminology and keeping informed with their updates
  • dealing with complex processes to restore lost passwords, or resetting email addresses to regain access


For these reasons, and many more, this method of domain management was not a sustainable one.

Already being a long term AussieHQ customer for all our hosting operations, the next logical step was to create a single domain account that we used to house all client domain names. This worked in the short term, solving some of the problems listed above; however, it created additional issues. Clients didn’t have peace of mind not being able to access their domains and were concerned that we may steal their domain name or “disappear” with their domain, which does happen from time to time in the industry.

Needless to say, this wasn’t a long term or sustainable solution for our growing portfolio of clients, and as we grew – we needed a streamlined approach to domain management. In 2006 we were offered a sneak peak at the up and coming AussieHQ Domain Management System, which was exactly what we’d been searching for. Once we were set up on the AussieHQ DMS, we were able to see in the immediate short term value by being able to;


  • streamline the domain registration process
  • mark up and resell direct to clients with ease
  • login and access any client domain under management
  • easily customise the renewal reminder and welcome confirmation emails


A few years later, we noticed that domain renewals were happening quite regularly, and that the invoicing, administration and follow up of the domains was starting to impact our bottom line. The domain market is also very competitive, so we wanted to lower our prices on domain registrations and renewals to keep our clients happy. The only way we would be able to achieve this would be to automate as much of this process as possible. Therefore, wanting to take advantage of the AussieHQ DMS API, we embarked on a simple approach to automate the renewal process of domains.

We developed a simple application that would talk to the API, so that a client would be able to pay through a credit card gateway or PayPal, and upon a successful payment the domain would automatically be renewed. Our application would then push a copy of this invoice to our cloud based accounting system, so that it didn’t need to be double handled by the accounts person.

We really enjoyed developing with the API – it was well documented, clear and logical to work with, compared to some vendor produced APIs that are often built for their own use, and lack documentation.

This system allowed us to automate our domain renewal process, and was taken up fairly quickly by clients, which was positive to see. This allowed us to lower prices on renewal and remain competitive without impacting our bottom line.

Evaluating our approach a year or so later, we decided to move to a complete hosting management system (WHMCS), which is an industry standard. We were also excited that a plugin for the AussieHQ DMS API existed.

After a few months of development, testing and importing hundreds of clients, hosting packages and domains, we are now operating successfully with WHMCS, and utilising the power of the AussieHQ DMS API, that now has solved the remaining problems we faced, which were;


  • handling new registrations
  • automatic invoicing and renewal upon payment
  • automated synchronisation of expiry dates between the API and our WHMCS server
  • clients having access to their account – seeing all and updating their domains


The AussieHQ Domain Management System and the powerful API behind it has been instrumental in the growth of our hosting and domain name management division. Without this system, we’d be burdened with the task of manual invoicing, receipting, and renewing domains, along with having to manually process every domain sale we make, or missing out on this potential revenue by sending the client elsewhere.

We’d like to thank AussieHQ for their dedication to innovation and for developing a world-class Domain Management System and an API that is easy to work with, not lacking in core functionality or reliability. Although developing this system offers no direct benefit to AussieHQ, it has definitely allowed us to grow our business.

Ben May

Manager / Owner – Alyte Creative


The AussieHQ Domain Management System has been built from the ground up to help our resellers share our exceptional domain pricing with their own customers. While the setup and service is free you will need to prepay $100 toward your Wholesale Domain Account.
As a domain reseller you enjoy the following benefits:


  • Free DNS Hosting
  • Free URL & Email Forward
  • Free Domain Transfers
  • Unlimited changes
  • Unlimited records


For more information on AussieHQ’s Domain Management System, please call one of our helpful Solution Consultants, Brenden or Cat, on 1300 855 554 (option 2 for sales).

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