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5 simple tips for more effective Tweeting

By | May 2, 2011

If you are a small business on Twitter it can turn out to be quite tricky at times. Of course we can’t spend all day on Twitter as resources may be quite limited and lots of other things need to be done. On the other hand, over-optimising on Twitter can easily lead to a robotic appearance that might turn your followers away.
Here are 5 simple things you can implement right away to make life on Twitter more effective without losing the highly important human element.


1.) Create a personal appearance
The great thing on Twitter is that you can truly leverage the human and personal element. No one expects you to be “big”. I found that being just another human being even on your business’s Twitter account yields far better results. One technique that I am using heavily for our business’s Twitter account is to use word tags after every tweet, such as “- Leo”, if your Twitter user name is only descriptive for your business. This makes it immediately more personal, especially for @replies.

2.) Save time
The best way to save time on Twitter is to schedule a few tweets in advance. Here I think it is important to strike a good balance between real time tweets and scheduled ones.
It helps me a lot to write a set of tweets at one point, which I then schedule. I call these tweets my “content” tweets and see them similar to blogposts. What I try to say is that creating tweets containing truly compelling copy whilst I am in “content production” mode should make up for the fact that there is some automation involved.

3.) Follow the right people
When you are starting out on Twitter I think it is really important to know where you can find the right people to follow.
In my case, as I am building a Twitter App I try finding people related to Social Media and Twitter particularly. There are 2 great directories I would suggest you check out, one being and another one is tweetdeck’s directory of users, that can be helpful to find people in your niche.

4.) Create consistency
At the end of the day I found, what makes for a successful Twitter presence is a consistent pattern. It’s the only way to build trust and a tight relationship. Really committing to it, is crucial if you are looking to be in the game for the long run.
When you are starting out, it might be a good idea to set yourself a fixed time of the day, say just 30 minutes where you skim read through your stream, engage with your followers and see what’s going on. You can build it up gradually and you will certainly develop your own pattern. This time setting technique helped me a lot though whilst I was getting to grips with Twitter.

5.) Enjoy yourself
Yes, I know most people are looking for a return on their time/money investment whilst on Twitter. And I don’t want to deny that this is possible to measure or to achieve.
Yet I believe Twitter is a place to enjoy yourself and have a good time. If you are genuinely interested in what others are doing and help them out with great customer service, not only will you feel good, but your anticipated sales will happen all by itself.

These are 5 things that helped me a lot whilst I was starting out on Twitter and I have each point still firmly in my head whichever step I am taking on Twitter.
Do you think these tips can be useful for you too? Or have you developed different techniques? Let’s discuss it below.


About the author
Leo Widrich is Co-founder of Buffer: Throw tweets in your Buffer and they are scheduled for you during the day – that’s it. Leo blogs Twitter tips at


  1. I think you’re right about striking a balance between scheduled and live tweeting Leo. You want to be genuine but there are also some tweets that aren’t as time sensitive. I can definitely vouch for Buffer, I’ve been using it at work and home and it’s such a time-saver! 😀

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