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Microsoft are “doubling down” on UberGlobal

This is just one of the inspiring things Microsoft told us while we were at their World Partner Conference (WPC) a few weeks ago. I attended the conference along with the CEO of UberGlobal Enterprise, Brian Sharpe, and am now reporting back on the event as promised.

The Staples Centre where keynote addresses were given each morning

The event

Enjoying the culinary delights LA has to offer...

The Microsoft partner network consists of over 14,000

partners globally, who all came together at the WPC to share with each other and with Microsoft. Incredibly, 95% of Microsoft’s revenue comes through its network of partners.

Over 15,000 attendees from 138 countries made the trip to LA for this five day event, so just organising seating and meals for everyone was an epic feat. The team organising the event didn’t fail to impress, keeping the arrangements low-key but still polished and exceptionally well-organised.


Our partnerships with Microsoft and Parallels

Microsoft are looking to compete with the likes of Google and Amazon by pushing cloud based versions of their offerings, and of course we position UberGlobal as a leading provider of Microsoft cloud solutions. It was interesting to hear from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, COO Kevin Turner and corporate VP of the Worldwide Partner Group Jon Roskill. They talked about their strategy for the company and let us know in no uncertain terms that they were “all in for the cloud”, and, as I’ve already mentioned, they also assured us that they were “doubling down on UberGlobal”. Maybe they should have held the conference in Las Vegas instead of LA…

Brian catching up with Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels

During the five day event we were able to talk with some of the Microsoft and Parallels executives about how their technologies could help us to grow and strengthen our platform for our

customer base. Brian also got the chance to chat with Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels. We are Parallels’ largest client in the Asia Pacific region, and we have deployed more Parallels modules than any other provider in that region.

We have continued to work with Parallels because their technology platform allows uber to automatically provision for our clients needs in a way that is easily scalable. Our Parallels automation suite will allow us to automatically provision HyperV onto our server fleet.

Though partnering with Microsoft and Parallels, we are able to offer our customer base a broader range of products.


Health Community Cloud Automation (HCCA)

While we were at the conference we released a Government Community Cloud White Paper, the result of six months of high level engagement with Microsoft, Parallels and an existing Federal Government customer.

Richard Branson's keynote address

Microsoft have been keen to tap into Uber’s knowledge and experience in the cloud computing marketplace, as they need partners like us to help them migrate their customer base from on premise to the cloud. The Proof of Concept that we created with them addresses the problems that will be faced by the Government and healthcare providers looking to make the move into the cloud, such as security, privacy and integrated authentications. With our POC, we have validated the products that Microsoft and Parallels are looking to push into the market.


Next Steps

All in all the WPC was a great success, giving us the opportunity to network with Microsoft partners around the world, and particularly allowing us to further our relationships with Microsoft and Parallels.

Brian Sharpe UberGlobal

Brian saving the world with some of the locals

Microsoft’s Director of Health, Judith Cole, will be coming to Australia in the first week of October, and we will be hoping to meet with her to further discuss ways in which we can both leverage off the need to establish Health Community Cloud Automation. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with her and to following up on all of the contacts we made during the event. We’d

definitely be keen to head over again next year if they’ll have us again!


  1. David Cartwright says:

    “Microsoft have been keen to tap into Uber’s knowledge and experience in the cloud computing marketplace …. and of course we position UberGlobal as a leading provider of Microsoft cloud solutions”

    … that is all wonderful until the Microsoft sales reps cut you out of the big opportunities by quoting Microsoft’s own cloud solutions against you!

    The history lessons are readily available for those who are ready to face the facts.

  2. Thanks David. All the sales reps we have dealt with at Microsoft have been great but I can appreciate your point about them needing to always promote the best outcome for Microsoft, and that might not always be an UberGlobal outcome.

    Our strategy is aligned with the executives who sit behind the sales reps, so we hope to have some warning if our approach is going to start conflicting with a broader Microsoft strategy 🙂 At this point Microsoft is putting a lot of positive work into relationships with both hosters and the development community more broadly. This results in tangible benefits for our customers, and that is why we are very happy with the engagement between UberGlobal and Microsoft so far.

    Now, we aren’t putting all the eggs in a Microsoft basket. In fact, our strategy is to try and provide a broad set of high quality solutions for our customers and let them choose the option that is right for them.

    UberGlobal has been a significant customer of VMware since 2008 and next week both myself and our CTO, Dwayne Varey, will be in Palo Alto under their invitation. We’ll be receiving a private briefing on the various elements of VMware’s vCloud strategy and then doing Q&A sessions on how our customers might benefit from the opportunities VMware offer.

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