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Web hosting invoices, payments and overdue account reminders +1!

By | November 27, 2011

Last week we implemented an additional reminder for those who might appreciate a little prompt to pay their account with AussieHQ. We have also worked to make it easier for customers to get back online if they end up suspended due to a missed payment.

Why this change?

We were prompted to take a look at our invoices and overdue account reminders after a thread on opened up a debate on the process we were using. As I mentioned in that thread, I was happy to take a look at the reminder process and see if something went wrong for the customer who had originally posted a complaint on Whirlpool.

Although there strictly wasn’t any issue with the reminder process we’d been using, we still wanted to look at how we could make it easier for customers and hence came up with a few simple changes to process and these were adopted last week.

What does this mean for customers?

Well, it just means it should now be a little easier for customers to remember when their account is due for payment, and hopefully get payment organised in time.

This is the flow of notifications:

  1. Invoice is sent 14 days before payment is due.
  2. “Invoice Now Overdue” notice is sent 1 day past the due date
  3. “Invoice 7 Days Overdue” notice is sent 7 days past the due date (this is new)
  4. “Invoice Overdue – Final Notice” notice is sent 14 days past the due date. This notice also clearly warns of an imminent service suspension.
  5. “Service Suspension” notice is sent 14 days past the due date. This notice also clearly outlines how to remove the service suspension.

One of the points brought up in the Whirlpool thread was an expectation that a final notice should not be immediately accompanied with a suspension of services. We hope to have addressed this now by adding the additional reminder notice at 7 days overdue and also making it very clear on the “Invoice Overdue – Final Notice” message that services will be suspended immediately. You can see an example of what the additional 7 day overdue reminder looks like below.

We trust that these changes will be appreciated by customers and would just remind them that our customer support team are available 24/7, 365 days of the year to help you if you find your services suspended for any reason. Please don’t hesitate to call 13 UBER (13 8237) in such situations so that we can get you back online ASAP.

Feel free to let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below.



  1. Bob B says:

    I find 4 a little ambiguous.
    Imminent doesn’t necessarily mean immediate.
    As 4 and 5 occur at the same time, 14 days, perhaps they should be combined as one notice or 5 sent after 15 days.

  2. Let me check the actual wording we use…

  3. Ok this is is what the very prominent information box displays on that 14 day notice:
    Please note – Your services will be immediately suspended and a $10 late fee has been applied.
    Whilst our accounts department only operates between 9-5 Mon-Fri, you can contact us 24 hours a day 365 days a year to request an extension or pay by Credit Card over the phone on 1300 889 461 to have the account re-activated.

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