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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Geek VPSs

As some astute customers have already noticed, the Geek VPS has been removed from the online store and website to halt the taking of new orders. As the product went through our beta phase we have been working through issues as they emerged and have taken on a fair few customers with this product – […]
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Improving and Accelerating Patient Care Service with Cloud Computing

For all the technological innovations transforming the healthcare industry, one area where it remains almost universally behind the times is in the use of Information Technology (IT). Many healthcare systems are built on work flows that consist of paper-based medical records, handwritten notes, duplicated test results, non-digitised images and fragmented IT systems. The result is […]
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5 Key Tips on Making Your Mobile App a Hit

1. Focus on doing one thing well One of the most common mistakes companies make when releasing new apps is biting off more than they can chew.  Don’t be afraid of tightening up the feature list, less features means:   • Less things to go wrong • Less assumptions about what your customer wants • […]
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