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Corporate Solutions


corporate solutions

Corporate solutions

Managed cloud solutions
The migration to cloud services can save time and money but Applications still need to be designed, built, tested, monitored and secured. At UberGlobal, we see ourselves as partners in this process, helping companies assess their current IT infrastructure costs and deliverables and then scope, plan, act and optimise.

Our flexible, customised tools can help develop your business and save you time and money without compromising security or scalability.

Our capabilities

  • ASD secure gateways

    ASD Secure Gateways

  • Enterprise-grade tier 1 storage

    Enterprise-Grade Tier 1 Storage

  • Canberra and Sydney data centres

    Geo-redundant data centres in Sydney and Canberra

  • ASIO T4 compliant

    ASIO T4 Complaint Data Center

  • ICON Fibre

    Optional access to ICON Fibre

  • Redundant network

    Fully redundant network architecture with high levels of fault tolerance

  • Azure and AWS

    Custom 3rd party deployments including Azure and Amazon Web Services


Single site and dual site solutions for transactional web systems that focus on system up-time, data integrity and security. We can include rapid-scaling options to cater for growing systems and high security for websites with differing compliance requirements.

Financial services

Solutions focused on security, audit and compliance, leveraging UberGlobal's numerous industry and government accreditation. UberGlobal is ASIO T-4 compliant, and has ASD Secure Gateways rated to PROTECTED status. Ideal for selective outsourcing of existing systems or rapid establishment of new systems to meet evolving business needs, without sacrificing security or increasing risk.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We offer turn-key platform solutions for businesses who want to deliver multi-tenant SaaS products to their customers, leveraging a number of different virtualisation platforms to ensure that software license investments are maximised.

Critical online systems

Active-active, dual-site solutions that provide maximum up-time and stability for critical systems that need to be available near 100%, 24/7. UberGlobal offers ideal geographic data center redundancy, with 270km between the facilities, ensuring that a localised disaster will not impact the availability of your system.

Internal business systems

Leveraging the multiple platforms we operate, UberGlobal can provide a platform for all your internal business applications regardless of the mix of operating systems or software license limitations – ideal for businesses with a highly mobile workforce. We also support direct WAN connections from your office to our data centres in Sydney and Canberra, allowing you to connect at high speed and bring your own telecommunications provider.

High impact websites

We can help you to design a highly scalable web system to cater for extreme user activity, over one or two data centres and integrated into 3rd party Content Delivery Networks, helping you to avoid the brand damage and loss of business associated with a load-driven website failure. As a part of our premium design services, we can provide access to a load and stress testing system that identifies likely breakpoints in your solution under various amounts of user activity, allowing you to make an informed decision about the scale required to meet your needs.

Services overview

Who we are and what we can do for you is all there in our services overview. Just click on the link below for a PDF download.


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